November 20, 2021

Wire EDM

Interesting Engineering Fact – Wire EDM   In the wire EDM process, carbon is removed from the recast layer, rather than added to it, using deionized water as the dielectric fluid. When copper-base wire is used, copper atoms transfer into the recast layer, tempering the surface hardness slightly so that wire-cut surfaces are sometimes softer … Continue reading “Wire EDM”

November 19, 2021

Our Client Feedback on The Platform Assemblies Recently Delivered

We were delighted to receive Client Feedback on the platform assemblies recently delivered: “Huge thumbs up and pat on the back to your production team regarding the quality of the platforms. We love them and will look to order more in the near future”. Constructed out of tempered Aluminium Alloy and medium tensile steel, this … Continue reading “Our Client Feedback on The Platform Assemblies Recently Delivered”

November 18, 2021

Kind Words From Akash

It is always sad to see team members leave, but it made our day to hear these kind words from Akash. At Newland Precision Engineering, we strive to create a progressive working environment, committed to continuous improvement, so that everyone feels appreciated and that their contributions matter. It is the team members that make Newland … Continue reading “Kind Words From Akash”

November 17, 2021

AVD SMRT Rod and Inner Tube Handler

From raw materials to finished product, the team at Newland Precision Engineering have honed their skills over the last decade to design, manufacture, fabricate and paint each customised Erebus Rig with precision and care. Australian made from start to finish, we are proud of how this product has developed over the years. Recently, we were … Continue reading “AVD SMRT Rod and Inner Tube Handler”

November 16, 2021

Hydraulic Manifolds

“A car is thirty thousand pieces you’re putting together” – Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors. Our hydraulic manifolds, forming part of the rotation units, are just some of the many components that comprise our Erebus Underground Diamond Drill Rigs. Manufactured here in Perth, we love seeing all these parts come together, creating the superior quality … Continue reading “Hydraulic Manifolds”