3d printing filter covers cnc
February 3, 2022

3D printing for some filter covers for the CNC’s

What do you do when you need a replacement part in a hurry? We make our own! Check out this excellent time-lapse video of our 3D printer hard at work printing some filter covers for the CNC’s in our machine shop. After a few iterations, we settled on this superb design by one of our … Continue reading “3D printing for some filter covers for the CNC’s”

drilling rig
February 2, 2022

Diamond Core Drilling

Interesting Engineering Fact – Diamond Core Drilling. In 1863, Rodolphe Lescot, a French Engineer, who invented the diamond core drill, used his invention for drilling blast holes to tunnel Mont Cenis on the border between France and Italy. Using his previous experience as a watchmaker, he came up with the idea of using jewels or … Continue reading “Diamond Core Drilling”