Newland manufactures a comprehensive range of drilling and mining equipment in addition to stocking quality parts and equipment from our national and global supply partners. Drilling rigs, spare parts, components, hydraulic cylinders, replacement parts, drilling consumables, retrieval equipment, wedging equipment, diamond products and drilling fluids are all regularly stocked ready to support the requirements of our valued clients.

Our Erebus mobile underground diamond drill rig has been developed with a focus on manufacturing reliable and cost-effective equipment that delivers low operational costs per metre for our clients. The platform consists of a 90kW or 110kW pilot hydraulic drilling system that drives a high speed or high torque rotation unit attached to a 1.8 metre feed frame. Standard options provide a 70kN pull back with the deep hole option delivering 130kN of pull back. The wireline assembly can be mounted under the feed frame or on the front module of the carrier. The feed frame assembly is attached to a telescopic boom through two rotary actuators which provide positioning flexibility when setting up the drill rig. The diesel driven carrier is available in open or enclosed cabin options which encompass the driving console, positioning controls, hydraulic drilling module and drilling controls. The rear module of the carrier houses the diesel engine, transmission, electrical module, main hydraulic pump, retractable cable reel and water pump.

Newland manufactures and stocks a comprehensive range of replacement and spare parts to suit many of the industry leading equipment manufacturers. Our replacement parts are designed to deliver excellent value by using quality raw materials and efficient manufacturing processes at an affordable price. Some examples include rotation units, rod holders, carriage parts, boom parts, hydraulic cylinders, hoists, stingers, fishing tools, wedging equipment, rod wrenches, core barrels and drilling subs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our range of drilling and mining equipment. In addition to new parts and components we offer equipment rebuilds, refurbishments and service exchange components to suit Boart Longyear, Epiroc and Sandvik machines.

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