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April 14, 2022

Enhancing Safety on underground drill sites

Enhancing Safety on underground drill sites.

This free-standing Aluminium Work Platform designed and manufactured by Newland Drilling and Mining Equipment provides an ergonomic working area for maintenance and rod handling work alongside the feed frame on underground diamond coring rigs. Adjustable legs on the platform enable ergonomic access for offsiders working at different heights and on rugged, uneven ground.

Constructed out of tempered Aluminium Alloy and medium tensile steel, this free-standing work platform has a lightweight modular design. There is a height-adjustable step and extensions with hand railing. The position of the handrails and steps are interchangeable to access the platform from different sides based on requirements. Different working area configurations can be achieved by adding one or more attachments in the required direction. There is a self-closing safety gate to prevent falls from height, creating a safe working environment. Anti-slip nosing at the front of the platform to prevent injury from slips, trips, and falls and protect this high traffic area of the platform against wear and tear. There is also powder-coated safety yellow handrailing for added visibility.