Heat Treatment and Metal Finishing

Our heat treatment and metal finishing capabilities include ion nitriding, carburizing, quench and tempering, stress relieving, abrasive blasting, painting, zinc plating, electroless nickel plating, metal blackening, anodizing and powder coating.

Our in-house Plasma Ion Nitriding is suitable for treatment of high-alloy steels and stainless steels. The wear and vibration resistance of stainless steels can be significantly increased by our plasma nitride process.

All high chrome ferritic, austenitic and duplex steels can be treated. The passive layer on top of the stainless steel is removed by sputtering. This allows nitrogen to diffuse into the surface of the material where it results in extreme increase in hardness on the component surface. The final hardness can be increased up to 4 times the original value. Unique advantages of the process:

  • extremely high obtainable hardness with over 1000 HV
  • excellent wear resistance
  • smallest warping / distortion
  • environmentally friendly process with no aggressive chemical substances are needed to activate the surface, low gas and electrical consumption
  • partial treatment possible
  • ability of maintaining the corrosion resistance
  • only minor influence on magnetic properties
  • treated surfaces can be excellently polished

Stainless steels can be treated in a wide range of temperatures. If treated at a low temperature, the corrosion resistance of austenitic steels is maintained.

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