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December 7, 2022

Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench

With the safety of drillers and offsiders at the forefront of our mind, Newland Drilling and Mining Equipment are excited to introduce the Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench.

The Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench assists drilling crews in loosening the torqued joints of the Core Bits, Reamers, Barrels, Couplings, Subs and Rods alongside the drill rig while keeping the rig running.
Designed and manufactured in Australia from high-quality and high tensile materials, the modular design of the Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench is easily configured to adapt to the various sizes of core drilling pipe. The hydraulic actuating and fixed arms attach to the jaws, which hold interchangeable inserts to grip different sizes, including WLB, WLN, and WLH. The fixed arm secures the barrel to the trestles while the actuating arm delivers up to 3900Nm of force to the torqued joint easily loosening the most stubborn of connections. The operator is well protected by the attachable guard that allows for easy access to the drilling equipment once the loosening process is completed.

The Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench comes complete with a pneumatic hydraulic pump, hosing and clamp, with the optional trestles and guard sold separately. The Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench will fit to most common trestles. However, it is recommended that the Hydraulic SolidGrip Wrench is used in conjunction with our certified Trestles and Guard.