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November 19, 2021

Our Client Feedback on The Platform Assemblies Recently Delivered

We were delighted to receive Client Feedback on the platform assemblies recently delivered:
“Huge thumbs up and pat on the back to your production team regarding the quality of the platforms. We love them and will look to order more in the near future”.

Constructed out of tempered Aluminium Alloy and medium tensile steel, this free-standing Aluminium Platform has a lightweight modular design. There is a height adjustable step and extensions with safety hand-railing. The position of the handrails and steps are interchangeable to access the platform from different sides based on requirements. One or more extension can be added in the required direction to achieve different working area configurations.
There is a self-closing safety gate to prevent falls from height, creating a safe working environment. Powder coated yellow anti-slip nosing at the front of the platform to prevent injury from slips, trips, and falls, as well as protecting this high traffic area of the platform against wear and tear.
Manufactured here in Perth to the highest quality and standards.