The Solidgrip Wrench designed and manufactured by Newland Precision Engineering is an innovative hand tool manufactured from high quality aircraft grade aluminium and is designed to be a safe, light weight replacement for Pipe Wrenches used within the drilling industry. With its modular design, this tool can easily be configured to adapt to a variety of drill pipe sizes.

The handle lengths come in a range of sizes including 24″, 36″, 48″ and 60″. The B-H swing and Stationary Jaws hold interchangeable inserts to grip diamond drill rods from B, N and H, whilst the HWT-PWT Swing and Stationary Jaws hold interchangeable Inserts to grip HWT and PWT rod/ casing.

A wide range of motions allows the Wrench to effectively grip the Rod, Barrel, Bit and Couplings for each of the various insert sizes and, when properly used and maintained, the only replacement parts required are the insert set due to wear and tear.

The Solidgrip Wrench has been carefully designed to eliminate any potential pinch points and the extremely light weight construction reduces the risk of repetitive strains associated with extended use of hand tools. Solidgrip Wrench is available in either steel or aluminium Swing and Stationary Jaws to meet specific customer requirements.

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