October 19, 2021


Interesting Science Fact: 
In physics, sputtering is a process in which minuscule fragments of solid material are discharged from its surface after energetic particles of plasma or gas blast the material.
An industry usage for this process is Plasma Ion-Nitriding. The sputtering process is used before the nitriding step during heating the parts to clean the surfaces to be ion nitrided. The ion nitriding process results in the excellent dimensional stability and high surface hardness of applicable metals.
Discovered in 1932 by Dr Bernhard Berghaus in his machine repair shop in Berlin-Lankwitz, metals were found to harden by glow-discharge nitriding.
Our in-house Plasma Ion Nitriding is suitable for the treatment of high-alloy steels and stainless steels. Not only can the wear and vibration resistance of stainless steel be significantly increased by our plasma nitride process, but it also increases the working life span of the metal.