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November 20, 2021

Wire EDM

Interesting Engineering Fact – Wire EDM
In the wire EDM process, carbon is removed from the recast layer, rather than added to it, using deionized water as the dielectric fluid. When copper-base wire is used, copper atoms transfer into the recast layer, tempering the surface hardness slightly so that wire-cut surfaces are sometimes softer than the parent metal.
The cutting wire is used only once, so that the portion in the cut is always tubular and has no spark-corroded sections that might affect the cut precision.
Some wires for EDM are made from steel for strength, with a covering of brass, copper, or other metals. Most wire machines use wire negative polarity (the wire is negative) because the wire is constantly renewed and is used only once, so wear is not important.
Newland’s Wire EDM Machine provides an ideal mix of speed, accuracy, and surface finished capability, with larger travels to tackle the most demanding applications.